The Significance of Pre-Consultation in Telemedicine

Telemedicine is the timely access to remote healthcare services using IT services which benefits both medical professionals and the patients.

It is cost effective medium of consultation not only reduces the challenges of geographical distance for both rural and urban dwellers but also minimizes the burden and congestion of hospitals and health chambers. Particularly in the time of a pandemic or disaster, telemedicine platforms are well-suited to provide assistance to patients requiring immediate care without having to interact in-person, thereby eliminating the transmission of infectious diseases.

The scenario of Telemedicine in India

In 2018, the telemedicine industry escalated in India predicting unprecedented growth in the forthcoming years. Telemedicine and remote consultation are seen as the frontier of healthcare in our country. Research states that 70% of patients need not be physically present in front of the healthcare professional for the consultation. The effectiveness of telemedicine is corroborated on the grounds of statistics which prove that only 15-16% of patients who were treated via telemedicine desired to visit their doctor in-person post remote consultation.

Significance of Pre consultation

The Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 and other contemporary medical and IT acts in the country have laid several guidelines for the practice of telemedicine inculcating evaluation, management and treatment protocols. An integrated telemedicine platform aims at inculcating a comprehensive treatment procedure.

Before the patient reaches the stage of consultation, a telemedicine platform renders a pre consultation framework that encapsulates an elaborate clinical history of the patient.

  1. With Artificial intelligence control, it must be able to gather all the required parameters from personal details, health grievance, symptoms along with existing health concerns before the commencement of remote consultation.
  2. supplementary data including images, or radiological investigations should be extended. The patient must be able to manually enter or attach pre-existing medical reports and lab documentation for the doctor’s reference.

The primary benefits of pre consultation are enlisted below:

  1. Medical Practitioners will be able to pursue their professional judgment to decide whether a telemedicine consultation is appropriate in a given situation or an in-person consultation is needed in the interest of the patient.
  2. Another advantage of pre consultation in telemedicine is that the provision of supplementary data provides an overview of the patient’s preliminary as well as prevailing conditions to the medical practitioner, thereby making it easier to connect to the current ailments and afflictions.
  3. The medical practitioners will be able to gauge the situation better with all the reports and health issues at their disposal, thereby turning more prompt during the remote interaction. The doctor is bound to have a more comprehensive understanding if a pre consultation procedure is well formulated with AI control.

Arintra: Conducting extensive pre consultation

Arintra is a Telemedicine platform powered with medical artificial intelligence, working towards making telemedicine operations refined and well-suited for both medical practitioners and patients, focusing on point-of-care and remote consultations with a well-designed set of pre consultation parameters.