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Payment collection
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Captures all patient info
payments.pngEnd-to-end payment solution
  • Payment collection
  • Co-pay and outstanding balance
  • Secure and reliable
Captures all patient info
cardIcon.pngKey Patient InformationArintra captures Reason of Visit, Demographics, Insurance and Driving Licence image. It also verifies information such as Address and Phone Number for changes and notifies you in case there are any.
Forms are signed by users before their visit
digitalSignatureIcon.pngDigitally Signed Consent and Intake FormsAll your forms including HIPAA and Release of Information signed by the patient or their representative pre-visit.
Captures patient's allergies and medications
medicinesIcon.pngAllergies and MedicationArintra verifies existing allergies and asks the patients about their current medication. You are notified in case of any changes.
All forms are filled before consultation
listIcon.pngScreeners and Review of Systems Questionnaire answered Pre-VisitBe it PHQ-9, GAD-7, IPSS, CRAFFT or Well-Child ROS, Arintra makes sure your patients fill them before consultation.
Helps you understand everything about your patient
stethoscopeIcon.pngSocial History, Family History and Past Medical HistoryOur digital intake will help you know everything that you need to know about your patient.
Generates notes automatically
pageIcon.pngAutomated Clinical Note for ProvidersArintra is clinically smart. It asks medically appropriate questions based on the patient's reason for visiting. Our follow-up questions are curated to get critical information about their ailment.
All this information is auto-populated in the EHR, cutting down the need to do manual-data entry.
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Arintra unleashes your business potential with the right path to automate your workflow and reduce costs with 15x ROI from the first month itself.
  • 1,000+ weekly active providers
  • 1M+ patients
  • 90% completion rate
  • 1.5M+ forms signed digitally
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