Medical intelligence API for your applications

More time
More patients
Effortless documentation


Enable video consultation in your platform. Know your patients prior to consultation

  • Hosted video service ready for you to embed
  • Capture your patients' medical history and past records
  • Increase patient yield
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Clinical history taking

Ask clinical questions that a doctor would ask and capture textbook patient history

  • Pre-populate EMR with auto-generated clinical notes
  • Know your patients for serving personalized recommendations
  • Empower your clinical staff to take patient history

Clinical NLP

Process raw text and extract clinical entities. Raw text could be doctor's notes or patient messages. Extracted entities can be symptoms, conditions, medication along with their ICD codes and more

  • Visualize patient timeline
  • Expedite claim filing
  • Increase hospital revenue by creating pharmacy and lab orders in real time
  • Track admission and surgery recommendations while patients are still on premise

Medical diagnostics

Our AI inference engine analyzes your patients' data to generate lab recommendations, procedure recommendations and provisional diagnosis

  • Increase hospital revenue by creating pharmacy and lab orders in real time
  • Triage patients
  • Guide your patients to right specialization

Easy integration

Adding Arintra to your application is as simple as curl -X POST


No personally identifiable information is stored and all data is encrypted. Data is stored in your country of operations

SDK for Android

Arintra's SDK allows fast and easy integration in Android applications


All functions are available in the language your users speak

Awards and Honors

Privacy and interoperability at the core of Arintra