Serve more patients, with less documentation effort

Spend 50% less time in the EHR
Reclaim 2 hours per day
Engage patients better

Privacy and interoperability at the core of Arintra

Reduce administrative workload

Free your providers from cumbersome documentation tasks

  • Eliminate manual data entry for your providers and staff
  • Reduce physician burnout due to hours spent in EHRs
  • Streamline billing and claims submission process

Boost practice revenue

Strengthen the financial health of your practice

  • 3 minutes of physician time saved per patient
  • 2 additional patients seen daily
  • $75K additional annual practice revenue

Assess patients faster

Know your patients deeply prior to virtual visits, and engage them meaningfully

  • 360° overview of patient’s past medical history
  • 10,000+ health systems in network to pull prior visit data
  • 1-glance summary of patient health for effective consultations

50,000 +
Clinical Entities

15 +

20,000 +
Hours of Validation

Easy deployment and integration

100% cloud based. Integrates easily with your existing software. Get started with Arintra within 5 minutes


No personally identifiable information is stored and all data is encrypted. Data is stored in your country of operations

Clinically validated AI

20,000+ hours of physician review. 10,000+ real cases seen by doctors

Dashboard for insights

Manage your patient flow effortlessly

Customized per doctor

Clinical parameters and level of details are customized for your practice


All functions are available in the language your users speak