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How it works

A simple workflow that fits in effortlessly with your existing workflow
Integrate with multiple EHRs
zipIcon.svgSeamlessly integrates with your client’s EHR or your internal coding toolIntegrate within the EHRs or integrate in your internal coding software
Accepts multiple data formats
dataFormats.svgAccepts data in any format and convert it to easy-to-digest chartsRevvBoost processes the input and present the data in a more structured way
Generates the most relevant codes
codeIcon.svgGenerate the most relevant codes with explanation of rules and logic appliedRevvBoost processes the entire chart including—HPI, ROS, Past medical history, Problems—and extract medically relevant information to generate the codes
Download RevvBoost brochureA quick introduction to Arintra’s coding assistant — RevvBoost
Here's why 250+ partners trust Arintra.
Simple, powerful, affordable.
Arintra unleashes your business potential with the right path to reduce costs
  • 16% Higher claim reimbursements
  • 20% Reduced claim rejections
  • 2.5X More claims/hour
  • 96% Coding accuracy
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